Basic Kit 5’ x 8.5’ Shell

Basic Kit 5’ x 8.5’ Shell


Our kit is designed to supply the basic materials needed to fit the TeardropsNW design. We provide the frame, side walls, Jack stand with wheel, 1/8” panels and floor; raw aluminum for sides, roof, and hatch; a partially assembled hatch; Formica countertop and shear walls; hurricane hinge; doors; spars; and Flexiride axles with tires and wheels assembled on the frame — all ready to pull out on a rolling frame with lights. (Shell can be upgraded to an off road.)

Off-Road upgrade is $1895 and includes modifications to the frame for Timbren Axles, Jeep fenders, Max coupler or lock n roll coupler, and 15” rims with off-road BFG tires.

Note: We do not ship this kit. You must call in advance and pick it up at our location in Salem, Oregon. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for fabrication.

All the cabinetry can be purchased and assembled for installing under and above the galley counter and inside the cabin. There is no cutting involved, everything is pre-cut to fit perfectly together with pre-driled holes for screw attachments. Choose your cabinetry and drawers to assemble and install (includes all the hardware knobs, door catches, handles, hinges, and slides). Electrical outlets, wiring, lighting, and trim molding can also be purchased for pickup at our factory location.

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