Cabinet and Galley Designs

The warmth of natural wood, shaped and designed just for you, makes our teardrops extra cozy and efficient to use. Choose your favorite layout and design for your interior and galley cabinetry.

Interior Cabinets


Our standard interior cabinets.


An upgrade option (+$289).


Kenwood Stereo add-on

Rock out in the woods. Add a Kenwood stereo system inside your trailer for $595. The Cheslow cabinetry upgrade shown above is required for the stereo. (The TV shown here is not included with the stereo add-on.)


An upgrade option (+$329). Select this option if you’d like a pass-through from the galley — great for handing off a snack, morning coffee, or a hot chocolate.

Upper Galley Options


Our standard upper galley cabinets.

Aztec with pass-through to cabin

An upgrade option (+$40). Requires the Cheslow interior cabinetry option.

Lower Galley Options

We can customize your galley in many ways! Typically, we set up the galley with:

  • a large stove drawer or a two-drawer stove stack on the left,

  • a two- or three-drawer stack in the center,

  • and your choice of a cooler slide or a refrigerator/freezer on the right.

Storage Choices

  • Open storage, our standard option

  • 2-drawer stack, $309

  • 3-drawer stack, $459

Cooler and Stove Options

  • Cooler slide with Engel 50 High-Performance Cooler, $649

  • Cutting board drawer with Cook Partner stove (silver), $989; with Ranger II stove, $689

  • 2-drawer stove stack with Ranger II stove, $579

  • Large stove drawer with Ranger II stove and 5 lb. propane tank, $599

  • 3-drawer stove stack with Ranger II stove, $749

  • Dometic CFX-50 refrigerator/freezer on stainless tray with 500 lbs locking slide lengthwise placement $1,249

Stove and Oven Combination

  • Camp Chef 2-burner stove and oven on slide, $568 (propane tank not included)

Lower Galley Combination, $989

(For 80″ Mattress on Trek and Scout only)

Large stove drawer with Ranger II stove and 1.4-gallon propane tank, plus cooler slide with Engel 50-quart cooler

Refrigerator/Freezer Combination, $1789

Dometic CFX-50 Refrigerator/Freezer on slide with center spice rack and 2-drawer stack